Top 10 Best Earphones Under 500 (Great Sound and Bass)

earphones under 500

Based on the dissection of all the spending earphones accessible in the market dependent on essential variables like manufacture quality, accessibility of receiver, comfort, audibility and so forth, the abstract discusses a far-reaching rundown of the best headphones under Rs.500.

Every one of the headphones on our rundown sound unbelievably useful at the cost and the greater part of them accompanies fair form quality also. Thus, here are the best headphones under Rs.500 that merit purchasing and offer the best involvement.

SoundMagic ES11S

With a decent Price rate of Rs. 599, SoundMAGIC ES11S is the ear-fit head plug with Microphone for Active Series. It gives call replying, respite and play with a one-catch remote control.
Superior receiver ensures clear, reasonable voice transmission and furthermore diminishes call clamor.

A reasonable costing packet of surprises with amazing features:

  • Agreeable fit and unmistakable structure
  • Great bass offset with heavenly melodic detail
  • Great equalization, exact propagation
  • Great clamor seclusion hear insurance

What’s in the case?

  • SoundMAGIC ES11S Earphones in Black
  • Silicone ear tips in three unique sizes (S/M)

Mi Basic

With the presentation of best quality moderate cell phones, they have caught the hearts of a huge number of individuals in India and here they are, with another accomplice to their wide item inventory.

Yet, Xiaomi has changed that point of view with their items and with these headphones, they are taking it to the following level. The plan of this headphone is negligible, best case scenario. In any case, at the main look, we saw the level of specifying Xiaomi has done on planning this item.
The features would be:

From the specially formed earpiece to the appealing catch on the in-line mic, the Mi Basic headphone has surpassed our desires.

The silicone ear tips are agreeable to wear and don’t effectively disappear from the ears.

The mic and the catch is of phenomenal quality and gives you a chance to work the telephone handsfree for tuning in to music and going to voice calls.

The gold-plated calculated headphone jack gives insignificant protection from the flag and assume a huge job in perfect and clear stable yield.

Xiaomi has structured this headphone considering the shoppers.

The brilliant silicone earbuds are delicate and exceptionally agreeable to wear for longer terms.

Likewise, they are delicate to the skin and doesn’t bring on any torment or rashes on delayed utilize.

The calculated fundamental earpiece body is extremely all around intended to fit inside the ear channel without slipping out amid the serious development of your head.

What’s in for the users?


Insignificant structure
Great form quality
Predominant solace


Bass levels are not all that great

Portronics Conch 204

Conch 204 is an in-ear-fit headphone which gives you extraordinary sound lucidity, charming solace on wearing and helpful call control. Conch 204 takes you inside your very own universe of Music, far-far from encompassing clamor.

The blend of features are as follows:

Agreeable: Conch 204 In-ear headphones, class otherwise called In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), have delicate silicon ear-buds that frame an agreeable seal on the ear waterways giving incredible bass impact, clamor seclusion and fit-security that is appropriate for wearing even while moving around for extended periods. Its solid match and a tight seal are essential for incredible sound quality.

In-Line Microphone Capacity: It has an in-manufactured fantastic mouthpiece for accepting calls. Tap the catch on the 1.2-meter level without tangle line and have a reasonable fantastic discussion with an incredible calling background.

General Compatibility: Perfect with all 5V Devices

Propelled Audio: Propelled Processor conveys premium sound

Alluring Colors:  It accompanies Five appealing hues.

What’s in for users?

  • Wired Headset

Sennheiser MX 170

The MX 170 are great headphones for music in a hurry. With great reviews rated to 4.8/5 stars from users, it’s a redemption of great value for money to get them home.

The features that make these earphones one of a kind:

  • Great, bass-driven stereo sound
  • Remarkable wearing solace in a hurry
  • Symmetrical link for a sans tangle listening background
  • Improved for MP3, iPod, iPhone (iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. enrolled in the U.S. Furthermore, different nations) and compact media players
  • 2-year guarantee

What’s in the crate?

  • 1 MX 170
  • 1 set of earpads
  • Specialized Data

Philips SHE1405BK/94

With dynamic bass, it is possible with these earphones to play music as well as talk at the same time! A buffet of amazing attributes are described below:
Immaculate in-ear seal shut out outer noise
The Super-little speaker drivers of these Philips headphones fit serenely inside the ear and on account of the uncommonly cozy fit the outside commotion is fixed out for high-power listening experience.
A 1.2m long link that is perfect for open air use
The perfect link length to give you the opportunity to put your sound gadget where you want.

Rubberized link help improves durability
To broaden item life, delicate elastic among earphones and link shields link association from harm through continued twisting.
Three compatible elastic ear tops for ideal fit in all ear
Three exchangeable elastic ear tops for ideal fit in all ear With a decision of 3 tradable ear tops from size little to vast, without a doubt there is a couple that makes these Philips headphones fit your ear consummately.

Incorporated amplifier and call button
Integrated receiver and call catch With the coordinated mouthpiece and call catch you can utilize this Philips headset for music and in addition calls from your cell phone. Appreciate handsfree calling, while effortlessly tolerating and finishing calls from your headset.

Philips SHE3590BK/98

With an additional bass, conservative headphones with delicate tops and dark alluring chroma, Phillips SHE3590BK/98 shines the list in terms of the following attributes:

  • Little proficient speakers replicate exact sound with bass
  • Small effective speakers recreate exact sound with bass Small productive speakers for Philips headphones guarantee a correct fit and convey exact sound with intense bass, perfect for your listening happiness.
  • 3 tradable elastic ear tops for an ideal fit in all ear
  • 3 exchangeable elastic ear tops for an ideal fit in all ear With a decision of 3 compatible ear tops from size little too substantial, without a doubt there is a couple that makes these Philips headphones fit your ear consummately.
  • Impeccable in-ear seal shut out outer noise
  • The Super-little speaker drivers of these Philips headphones fit easily inside the ear and because of the astoundingly cozy fit the outside commotion is fixed out for high-force listening experience.
  • A 1.2m long link that is perfect for open air use
  • The perfect link length to give you the opportunity to put your sound gadget where you want.
  • Rubberized link alleviation improves durability
  • To broaden item life, delicate elastic among earphones and link shields link association from harm through continued twisting.

Everycom X1 Secure Fit

The quality king, Everycom X1 Secure Fit is present in multiple editions and with astonishing modifications. The receptor is in built for making calls without compromising the acoustic smoothness.

The features of this beauty are:

  • Great music quality under 500, you won’t be disillusioned.
  • Bass driven reaction, so useful for bass darlings.
  • Lucidity is enough, sounds fresh.
  • They offer since they sound great.
  • Inbuilt receiver to do calls.

Sound One 616

Sound One is an Indian organization prominent for its reasonably estimated headphones and earphones that wound up well known among the majority with its fine form quality and appealing plans.

The Sound One 616 is a financial plan in-ear headphone estimated under Rs.500 that guarantees to convey a full range sound out for agreeable music listening knowledge.

Smooth plan, agreeable fit…

The Sound One 616 accompanies a double tone shading plan that looks appealing to the eyes at the principal look itself.

The vertical in-ear earpieces are shrewdly planned at a point to sit flush in the ear waterway, giving a kind of aloof clamour abrogation.

The 1.2m wire is adequately thick yet the elastic help at the finishes of associations are missing. This makes it very delicate even with a slight draw.

The in-line remote catch feels somewhat overabundance plasticky however functions admirably with the controls.

Sound yield and voice call quality…

In case we’re to say a high point in regard to the sound yield from this headphone from Sound One 616, it will be about the bass.

The bass propagation is light however particularly charming. It won’t influence your eardrums to vibrate, yet positively, enough for a normal joey to get happy with.

The mids and highs are particular and tuning in to vocal rich melodies is a breeze.

The light bass out of sight remunerates with the wide recurrence go that particularly conveys notes from either end of the range.

Voice call lucidity is one territory where this headphone trumps others in this rundown easily.

The voice on either side was fresh and perfectly clear, in any case. There were no mutilations in the middle of the calls too.

The calculated earpiece configuration drops foundation clamours viably. Additionally, the ear containers are sufficiently agreeable to be utilized for a longer span with no aggravation.

Esteemed special rewards…

  • The Sound One 616 accompanies a great deal of treats alongside the principle item, ie the headphones.
  • There is a delicate pocket incorporated into the case for safety’s sake the item inside when not being used.
  • It is a pleasant signal for organizations to do this as the greater part of us toss our headphones taken care of imprudently and effortlessly harming them at the same time.
  • The organization additionally gives a convey case that can be utilized for long haul stockpiling of this item while on a trek or a rucksack.

Philips SHQ1200

This featherweight beauty is popular among the sportsmen, gym freaks and youth. The achievers and believers go for the products of this kind.

The offers on the plate are:

  • Tuned for games
  • Sweat safe and rain verification, action fit and is available in Orange and Gray colors
  • Hostile to slip elastic ear tops keep the earphone in – always
  • Anti-slip elastic ear tops keep the earphone in – forever Your ActionFit earphones are created from high-review against slip elastic, which implies that once you slip them into your ears, they’ll remain there safely and serenely – regardless of to what extent or strenuous your exercise.
  • Sweat safe and rain evidence – perfect for any workout
  • Sweat safe and rain verification – perfect for any exercise.
  • ActionFit earphones are exceptionally intended for any dynamic way of life. Whatever your games or exercise inclination, your earphones can deal with the warmth, wet and sweat! Made with premium water-safe materials, your earphones are agreeable perspiration and rain-confirmation. 4gm earphones for sublime fit and ultra lightweight comfort
    4gm earphones for great fit and ultra lightweight solace
    Your ActionFit earphones tip the scales at a unimportant 4gm, making them ultra lightweight and a delight to wear. Truth be told, you will scarcely feel them when you’re working out – simply the great, intense sound that keeps you engaged and persuaded.
    3 decisions of ear top sizes for ideal fit

3 decisions of ear top sizes for the ideal fit:

  • Reflective plug in the cable
  • Reflective plug in the cable13.6mm drivers convey ground-breaking sound
  • 13.6mm drivers convey great sound

BoAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition

BoAt is an unmistakable player in the sound related gear advertises in India.

The organization has a lot of achievement with items, for example, the Bluetooth speakers and remote earphones and so forth.

The boAt bassheads 100 is the passage level item on the bass heads lineup that gives accentuation on bass more than whatever else.

Extraordinary plan and shape factor…

The boAt 100 plan is motivated by the “peddle, the organization says. This is in certainty redress.

We do feel the similarity with regards to the earpiece shape factor that has different folds.

The polymer plastic utilized in the development of this headphone is of extremely high calibre. The external packaging of the earpiece feels extreme and tough.

The links to have a specific level of thickness to it, fortified with elastic help on the joints to ensure this item can withstand minor maltreatment.

The single catch on the in-line mic goes about as a control for a wide range of capacities, for example, going to the calls, avoiding the tracks et cetera.

Made for bass aficionados…

As the name proposes, the boAt bass heads 100 is planned in view of bass adoring individuals.

The 10mm neodymium drivers inside do consummate equity to the goals, we’d state.

With just 16 ohms impedance on these drivers, this headphone conveys punchy beats and profound bass in the entirety of its greatness even with the most requesting tracks.

The clamour levels are adequate on this in-ear headphone.

While playing certain classes of music, for example, EDMs and hip-bounce, the bass overwhelms the highs and vocals.

Be that as it may, under standard volume levels and vocal rich tracks, this headphone performs well.

The in-ear mic is especially fit and conveys a charming without hands voice calling background.

Additional items that do make a difference…

BoAt is an Indian organization and has a wide administration focus arrange the nation over.

The organization site has a committed area for purchaser complaints, and the organization is extremely quick at arranging issues.

BoAt likewise furnishes a time of guarantee with this financial plan in-ear headphone evaluated under Rs.500.

The 1.2m link is of high calibre so does alternate segments of this item.

The earpiece rests easily inside the earpiece without sliding out amid exercise or running.

Flipkart SmartBuy

Flipkart is a prominent online business commercial centre in India offering many assortments of merchandise from cell phones to forced air systems to restorative items.

Smartbuy is a moderate customer hardware lineup from Flipkart for the most part focusing on spending plan compelled buyers in India searching for an OK item.

The Smartbuy V23MM is a wired headset from Flipkart that costs just Rs.375.

Truly we’d state this headphone has every one of the highlights and after that some that headphones estimated under Rs.500 typically have.

Metallic form!!

The packaging of the speaker unit of this headphone from Flipkart is made of metal. This makes it somewhat substantial however gives a lovely vibe when embedded into the ear trench.

The counter slip eartips helps in keeping the speaker unit set up even while you are not stationary. The earbuds additionally have a perspiration repellent silicone covering also.

More extensive soundstage for pleasant music tuning in…

The sound is the main need with regards to the buy of a headphone. This headphone includes a 9mm driver unit with neodymium magnets inside. The sound lucidity is great with the minds and highs getting articulated over a wide recurrence go – exhausting languages aside, treble and vocals are plainly characterized and is lovely to hear.

The bass is a bit on the milder side. This may be an issue for the individuals who require additional bass notwithstanding for Carnatic music, yet for nobody else.

Voice calls and the construct quality…

The inline mic accompanies commotion wiping out that works really well. The mic is touchy to our voice and lifts it up effectively.

One imperative thing to specify about the Smartbuy V23MM is its interlaced nylon link. The link is 1.2m long.

It is solid and can deal with gentle maltreatment without hampering the usefulness of the headphone.

Rovking V1 Sweatproof Sport Workout Headphones

Cozy fit and stay put in your ears throughout the workout – Special planned profile of ROVKING exercise earbuds fits cozily into your ear channels. Over the ear configuration makes the exercise earphones keep the secure fit. All makes these game earbuds won’t drop out of ears amid most dynamic games.

Extraordinary games earbuds for running, running, rec centre, working out, working out, strolling and moving. They are sweat confirmation earphones that will, in any case, continue remaining set up amid sweat-soaked exercises.

Lightweight and comfortable fit – Optimized spout point is intended to guarantee comfortable wearing in the ears. These activity earbuds are 16g lightweight with delicate wire folded over the ears. They are comfortable even after long-term exercise. You can even wear these headphones to rest in and don’t see much they are in your ears.

Clamour isolating and great sound – The link wire offers top-notch sound flag transmission which guarantees exceptional sound quality. The sound turns out clear, noisy and with bass. They are additionally commotion separating earbuds that can hinder outside clamour. You can tune in to your music and telephone call plainly even in uproarious conditions like the rec centre, wellness walk, metro/transport drive and flight trip.
Control music, answer and end phone calls by one click. A telephone call control catch and mic are worked in the link. The sans hands control unit is standard and helpful to utilize. You can utilize it to reply/end a call (a single tick the catch), jump to the following track (double tap)/past track (triple snap), actuate apple Siri/Samsung S voice (long press). These stereo in-ear earphones are completely perfect with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android telephones, workstation, PC, PSP, tablet, mp3 and so on.

Quality warranty and money back guarantee from def way only-ROVKING won’t ensure the quality, safety and hygiene of the items from different vendors except for Defway. These earphones are professionally intended for your music listening prerequisite in games. They ought not to come up short or equal the initial investment amid exceptional outworks. On the off chance that there are any issues, Defway will give you an aggregate discount or a substitution, at no expense without inquiries inquired. We simply need your 100% fulfilment.

Best earphones with mic under 500

A good pair of cheap earbuds is plenty, but the trick is to pick which offers the best value for the money invested. All the listed headphones provide excellent sound quality and a decent mic to carry on the conversation with your loved ones.

Philips SHE1405BK/94

The integrated headset is a treat for music lovers. It lets you have a conversation right in the middle of your music concert. It includes a set of three interchangeable ear caps so that you don’t have to struggle to fit the gear in. This is a masterstroke covering you with a good bass a well as a mic that lets you have the best of conversations without any cliché.

It has an excellent bass with a detailed resolution. Portable, lightweight and easy to carry around it’s a perfect travel companion. Plug theses on and conquer the world with the power of music. The headphones are made of a superior element to avoid any distortion in the musical experience.

The soft silicone tip creates a perfect seal, and the specially designed drivers give good level bass output. The earphones are super comfortable for long duration however people with small ear cavity might find it a bit uncomfortable. It has a 1.2m cable is thin and needs to be handled with care. It has 3.5mm stereo plug-in, so it is compatible with most of the headphones.

  • Sound Quality
  • Design & Compatibility
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Build Quality
  • Volume adjustment
  • Cable

Sound One 616

The lightweight ear gear with supreme styling enables a good sound output. The noise cancellation technology packed in works decent to isolate you from your surroundings. The in-line mic is convenient enough to switch between calls. If you aren’t going use it much for your calls, then this product can keep you happy throughout.

The earphone has a sufficient linear unit to move with ease. It has a combination of ear caps right from tiny to massive so never disappoints the users.  The surface of earphones seal in well to provided effective noise cancellation and enhance the listening experience.

The packing is outstanding given the budget; it comes in a book-shaped packing with a soft material pouch and an extra pair of ear tips. The built quality is good with a plastic and metal finishing. It has three color variants, Red, Black and blue. The cable is tangle free made of decent quality. The sound output is good though it’s a bit unclear on high notes. The single button remote performs all the functions efficiently. It’s an excellent option to consider if you purely want to enjoy music.

  • Sound Output
  • Design
  • Reliability
  • Poor mic

SoundMagic ES11S

This one is your best bet if you are looking for a gym buddy. The construction and design are comfortable in both steady as well as on the move mode. The voice transmission is good with powerful bass. The inbuilt noise cancellation technology does a decent job, isolating you from the busy lifestyle.

It has a double tone colour variation that gives it an attractive look and feel. The cable is well padded at the end for high durability. It offers a rich bass with minimal distortion at peak volumes. The mic works pretty well and picks up voice giving a natural output at receivers end.

It provides excellent sound quality; the output is more inclined towards high and mid tones with controlled bass. The wires are fragile, so it’s better avoided on a rough day. The mic is compatible with other electronic devices as well and gives a crisp, clear output.

  • Excellent bass response
  • Good touch and compatibility
  • Poor noise cancellation
  • Average built Quality

Mi Basic

Mi Basic is a comfort toy which packs in best of both worlds. It fits well in the ear canal and is pretty convenient to take a call as well. It produces rich stereo effects with a balanced output and excellent performance. It’s an incredible mix of performance and trendy design within the budget.

It has a sturdy pair of bass and 10mm drivers that give clear sound even when subjected to an extreme. The top quality polymer earbuds are comfortable on your ears and avoid any sound distortion. The remote is quick to make modifications to your tracks with ease in transition.

It’s a stylish gadget with metal chambers that can give you a near-premium feeling. The earphone is quite comfortable around the ear canal which adds on to the overall sound experience. It comes with a single multifunctional button remote and a mic that does a decent job as well.

  • Portability
  • Sound Quality
  • Highly Durable
  • Built Quality

boAt BassHeads 100

The design is a clear win in the segment. It looks good and fits in well in the ear cavity.  The sound output is decent not up to the mark, the mic does a decent job but fails to give the HD mic quality. The noise cancellation adds on to its glory to make it a good option under 500. The earphones are trendy and can match your impeccable standards.

The acoustic transducer makes the sound output crystal clear and fits in well within the ear arc. It has a powerful dynamic driver with a resistance of 16 Ohm. The one clicks remote functions with ease switching between play, pause and call switch mode.

An excellent combination of good design and quality it gives you a very premium feel with its metallic body. The sound output is evident at high as well, but it might not be comfortable for a long duration of passionate listening. It supports music control with multifunction buttons of good quality.

  • Good Design
  • Compatibility
  • Noise cancellation
  • Built Quality
  • Sound Output

Portronics Conch 204

The comfortable ear gadget offers great music clarity as well. It has supreme built quality and lightweight design that makes it a perfect headgear. The inbuilt microphones are excellent and enable you to switch between modes swiftly.

The sturdy tangle-free flat cables ensure durability and convenience. It’s a correct match with perfect compatibility for music lovers. It offers outstanding output with supreme baas that prevents any distortion even at the extremes.

It’s a good fit when you are on the move or just in for some me time. The flat cable is tangle free and saves you from the menace. The bass effect is excellent, and the noise cancellation adds on to the entire concert feel.

  • Rich sound experience
  • Excellent design and quality
  • Poor mic quality

Flipkart Smartbuy V23MM

If you are onset for an earphone that gives you uninterrupted hands-free talk time this one is a perfect match. Your Conversations are as smooth as your talking right face to face. The mic has a suitable frequency giving a clear natural voice on the other side of the call.

Sound quality is good at this range but on higher notes though it is of average performance. It has good built quality and design that gives you a premium feel. The silicon ear tips are comfortable and don’t slip by the ears.

The wire is of poor quality however the sound output is right at mid tone and underplay at high volume. The sound output imperfection is hard to notice. This one does a decent job and lets you take on your call with ease while enjoying music.

  • Built quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Earphone fits well
  • Poor design quality
  • Absent clip

Motorola Lumineer

Lumineer sports earbuds that deliver deep sound and fits in well. It gives you pure comfort so that you can wear them for hours. The cable and built quality are reduced making it less durable. The earphones offer decent music output for indoor use.

Considering the price group the quality is outstanding. The earbuds won’t hurt your ears even post an hour long of listening. The sound output and tremble are sharp and clear with sonic clarity. The earphone has a better grip and apt for use during your gym sessions as well.

However, the ear cups aren’t that comfortable for people with the small ear canal. The mic performs average with a shorter range performance. The controls work decent but appear delicate for daily use. If you are hunting for an earphone that fits well during the intense workout sessions, this one matches your bill.

  • Comfort
  • Sound
  • Usability
  • Reliability

Amazon Basics In-Ear

The capsule design of the earphone fits in well paired with soft silicone cover fits in well. It comes with a single button remote to switch between music and call mode. The cable quality is decent and lightweight.

The unique earphone beat the competitors when it comes to design. This one is a volume rocker with clear mids and decent bass. The metallic casing gives a pleasant feel and is equipped with sweat repellent silicon coating as well. The vocals are crystal clear and work pretty well.

The overall audio impact is good with excellent balance effect. Design and built quality are good as well, making it one of the best choices in this segment. This will surely let you hear your favourite track on a full path with excellent noise cancellation.

  • Sound Clarity
  • Clear high tones
  • Reliability
  • Poor quality
  • Mic

Envent Beat 302

Envent with it specialize technology to minimize sound loss, creates a perfect atmosphere to experience concert right in the middle of high traffic roads. The high-level sound and extended bass gel in well to deliver crystal clear music.

Envent earphones are indeed splendidly fantastic and offer optimum comfort with long listening hours.  The sleek finish gives a premium feel; the cable feels sturdy and robust and tangle resistant and easy to carry around.

The multifunctional button works effortlessly, switching between music and on-call mode. The flat cable is tangle free making it a perfect outdoor partner. The earphone fits in perfectly letting you keep your hands entirely off it.

  • Sound clarity
  • Noise cancellation
  • Perfect design
  •  It’s a win in this segment with no cons

Choose the best to add musical delight

A good headphone can add melody or peace to your journey; it can be the perfect escape from the hectic life, your saviour from the reality and to keep you fresh in the beeping, slow moving traffic. It has to be perfect otherwise it might just add to the irritation and worsen your everyday temper. This post will make sure you get your hands on the perfect one as we take you through the features and shortcoming of the top 10 best earphones under 500 with a mic.

All the above headphones are a perfect fit for budget shoppers. A perfect fit for casual listening or a soulful commute. Some of them even match with the premium offerings, while all of them cater the basic needs. The pros and cons would help you make a better judgment to invest in an ear gear. Indulge in the musical world with our savvy guide to make the correct purchase.