Top 10 Best Free PC Games Downloading Websites

best free pc game downloading sites

1. Origin On the house

Origin offers free of cost premium games on its website for a long time. And the icing on the cake is all those games are with the full version, not trials or demos. So you can enjoy all those games without any hassle. Games like Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 2 are freely available in their site with downloading option. So keep checking and enjoy some delightful games. Origin games are known as one of the best available digital distribution platforms which offer a great online gaming experience. Origin provides a large library of premium as well as free game links for free download for a limited time.

2. IGN Beta Giveaway

All those premium PC games are available in the IGN Beta Giveaway website are completely free. The prime members can redeem their beta code for accessing paid games at no cost. If you are looking for Destiny 2, then try your hands with the IGN Beta Giveaway.

3. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is known as one of the most popular video game retailers in the world. This UK based website houses more than 5200 games from all those renowned game publishers. The site offers a monthly giveaway option for paid games as well.

4. GOG

A subsidiary of CD Projekt, GOG is known as the most reliable digital distribution platform service in terms of video games and movies. Operated by GOG Limited, this website offers two to three premium games free of cost every year.

5. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle houses a great collection of games, with the option of a giveaway of various premium games for free. One of the most interesting thing about this website is half of the game fee is used as a charity. You can experience some delightful games with a free of cost downloading option.


If you are a game fanatic and need PC games for free and in a legal way, then is the best option for you. This Dirty Little Helper will provide you all those required cheats and tricks to explore all those amazing games. With a free give away options from time to time, it also provides free steam keys to the users. Therefore, check out this website and its community to avail premium games. By gamers, for gamers

7. Steam

Steam offers an option to explore thousands of games to all those game aficionados. And the interesting thing is many of those games are completely free to play other than paid games. You can install Steam Client to access the Beta version of many games at no cost. You have to sign up for Beta and to play the games. You can also access several groups from the Steam community to avail give away option. These free giveaways comprise of 13000 users with Steam game keys, Steam gifts, and Steam game cards. On the other hand, many of the games presented on steam are free to play, and you don’t have to make any payment for accessing the functionality and gameplay.

8. SK Games

SK Games, is known as one of the leading sites, which provides Free PC games to its users. On their site, you can go through several categories of games such as strategy, action, racing, and logical games. For every game, you can view its trailer and demo with a download link.

9. Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is the new inclusion of Amazon Prime, which provides a number of benefits to its subscribers. You can activate Twitch Prime free of cost. With a subscription, you can avail ad-free viewing experience along with an access to free game contents and free monthly games. You just need an Amazon Prime to access Twitch prime. You can also go for Twitch and Amazon Prime for free for around 30 days to experience its platform. You can link your account by browsing through by linking your account, you can get Twitch prime immediately.

10. is a website, that is known as the hub of indie video games. It was released by Leaf Corcoran in the year 2013. It houses around 100,000 games. It comprises of unique, and interesting game contents to entice all those game fanatics. This gaming platform comes with a wide range of paid and free contents. It provides a free section of massive indie games. You can filter your search as per your search from the categories of action, logic, and strategy games. is one of the top picks among users, with a desktop app for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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