Top 10 Best Tower Speakers in India [Deep Bass and Treble]

best tower speakers in india

Music is more than often the only fun part of the party. Good music is the ” do or die” element to rock a party like a pro. After all, it’s a crime to play boring playlist and a sin to play a good one on a super lousy speaker.

Music is the heart and soul of a party be it a silent Sufi night or jazz up night out. In the era of digital streaming listening to great music is at the tip of your fingers but a good speaker is essential to enjoy a good melody. A good speaker can fill in the air with a live vibe, making your feet’s dance to the tune while a bad one can just make you a no-show at all. Apart from the terrible selection of songs the sound output from a low-quality speaker giving out thin or muddled music is one thing you owe to avoid.

Best tower speakers in India under 10000 and 15000

We have compiled together a list of best tower speakers in India with features to look for so that you can just strike the checklist and jump straight into purchase mode:

Blaupunkt TS-100 200 W Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Blaupunkt uses upper-level sound technology to deliver a stronger, vibrant and clear output. All wavelength and volumes balance perfectly at all wavelengths. The speaker has multiple connectivities via Bluetooth, USB, AUX, RCA, Optical and HDMI. The touch controls give you total power access to sound functionality. The powerful combination of 6.5 x 2 subwoofers and 3×4 speakers enrich the music experience allowing unrestricted sound waves. The speakers are designed brilliantly with almost zero distortion. The remote introduces an array of functionality and modifications adding to the convenience while enjoying music.

F&D T60X

The wood housing narrow speakers give a fancier and more premium look and blend well with home décor. The pair packs in 4’’ woofer and 8’’ subwoofer that deliver a flawless experience even when subjected to extremes. It supports NFC and Bluetooth connectivity with optical input connection, FM tuning and LED display. The speakers have additional karaoke function in case you are a secret superstar. The remote control has a good range allowing you to access the speakers from a range of over 10m distance. The speaker endorses side panel controls for quicker access.

Yamaha NS-8390

The NS- 8390 has an impressive appearance and produces a balanced output at highs mids and lows. The 3-way bass reflex with 20cm con woofers is very room filling and crystal clear. The bass response is quite evident throughout. They stand well among the other high-end speakers with a maximum output of 220W and are a good value for money deal. If you are on a search for a quality speaker with versatility, great sound and super cool features that has the ability to toggle between soft and rock music efficiently adding the X-factor to your party, then this is the perfect match for you

Philips SPA9080B

The elegant pair of wooden cabinet tower speakers delivers powerful bass and rich experience. Te 90W sound output speakers are Bluetooth, USB enabled and came with a built-in FM tuner. The wireless speaker mic and karaoke features to keep the singer in you entertained all night. The deep bass technology ensures an uncompromised listening experience. Its portable design and built-in woofer deliver booming sound with a natural pitch correct feature to decrease vocals on standard music.

Mitashi TWR 860

Mitashi tower speaker system offer, luxury experience with an incredibly bright and enriching musical experience. It is undoubtedly the best tower speakers in India under 10000. The system is supplemented with plug and play USB & SD card reader as well as Bluetooth connectivity and FM tuner. The sleek and stylish set of speakers enhances your home décor while the powerful remote control gives you to convenience to operate the device from a distance. It comes with a wireless mic so that you can enjoy the karaoke mode making you feel like a pop sensation.

Zebronics t9500RUCF

The higher volumes of Zebronics can have the neighborhood complaining and get you in trouble for good. The full wooden enclosure high gloss panel renders a sophisticated look, adding elegance to your décor. The remote works fine and comes equipped with multi-functions. The speaker supports karaoke with two microphone ports as well as MP3. The device enables you to play music directly from your SD/MM card or USB device. It is a pure mean of entertainment that can make illuminate your event or party and make it an affair to remember.

Philips SPT-6660

The Elegant and compact speakers look and sound lovely. The powerful subwoofer delivers impressive sound quality and super bass. The speakers pack in echo control to ensure quality output and are compatible with USB devices. It also has an FM tuner and two Mic inputs to enjoy the karaoke experience.

Intex IT-12002 SUFB

The speakers have fabulous sound output and are one of the best tower speakers under 10000 in India. The multimedia speaker is compatible with USB devices, SD, AUX, Bluetooth, mic, and FM. The speaker has LED display, analog controls and echo knobs with a fully functional remote control. The 2.0 channel speakers improve the sound quality to a more significant extent providing a clear and crisp output. The cost-effective speakers make a great addition to your audio accessories enriching the audio experience.

Impex Thunder T1 Plus

The tower speakers deliver an output of 60W through 2.0 speaker system. The device is compatible with Bluetooth, AUX, SD card, USB device, FM radio, and karaoke functions. It has two wired mic input and remote controls with multiple functionalities. The wooden cabinet blend well with the surroundings giving a more premium look and feel.

Intex IT-9500 SUF Plus

Intex IT 9500 is one of the cheapest tower speakers in India. The 2.0 multimedia speakers have digital, analog and echo controls. It delivers incredible sound output and is compatible with USB, FM, SD, and AUX. The audio input MIC functionality allows you to enjoy the karaoke mode as well.

Flow Boombox

The single tower speaker delivers top-notch sound quality. It has an elegant wooden finish and occupies less space. Compatible with FM, USB devices, AUX, and mic option, the system delivers a decent bass and is perfect for movie lovers. It comes with a powerful remote that can access the device from a broader range. Overall it’s a good system for a small space.

Flow Mini Boombox

This one is the cheapest in the list of tower speakers. However, the price doesn’t affect the sound quality. The system is perfect for a smaller space and delivers superior bass quality and tremble. The system is compatible with USB devices, Bluetooth, AUX, FM, and Mic. The built quality is fantastic and stands out in the surrounding.

Select the best entertainment speaker

Music is the first thing you notice when you enter a room, party, event or you want to watch your favorite movie at the comfort of your home premises. It sets the tone for the moment onwards. Of course, the choice of the playlist or movie is the primary element, but you can’t ignore the speakers they are an equally vital element for an entertaining night.

After considering the above list of must-have and the top twelve tower speakers, we believe you would be able to figure out the best speaker that fits in with all occasion and packs all the essential features. Most of the above high-end speaker serve all your home or party audio needs. Regardless of the tower speakers you buy, it is sure to create countless beautiful memories with your loved ones in the journey called Life.