Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1000, 2000, 3000 in India

Best Bluetooth Headphones in India Under 1000

There is a ton of soul jumping around for the sake of remote music, regardless of whether it be sports or other popular culture, remote appears to have taken strong hold and keeping in mind that you may have seen a couple of cool individuals wearing some remote headphones, there is a strong shot you are searching for the best one, so here we are with our work and proposals on the best remote headphones in India with our money top being ₹ 3,000.

We have a couple of outstanding gadgets to impart to you so we should go ahead. Music can be set among life’s fundamentals like sustenance so we won’t do the judgment here, they are all the best in their value extend.

10 Bluetooth Earphones under 1000, 2000 & 3000

1. SoundMAGIC – ES20BT Wireless Earphones

Our first passage is the SoundMagic ES20BT valued at around 1500 in India. We couldn’t locate a decent choice under 1000 so this is the nearest to 1000 you will discover on this rundown. Remote tech isn’t everywhere starting at yet and thus Its somewhat expensive than ordinary wired earphones, so we realize you can without much of a stretch snatch an extraordinary combine of wired ones at the cost, 1.5k is kind of a base cost for dumping the rope. SoundMagic ES20BT still do sensibly well in sound and acoustics however aren’t exactly the manufacture you’d extravagant.


➡️  Agreeable fit and particular structure

➡️  Hearty metal headphone worked to last

➡️  Bluetooth Version 4.1

➡️  Amazing bass offset with sublime melodic points of interest

➡️ Incorporated 3-catch brilliant remote and amplifier


  • Cheap
  • Brilliant mids and lows
  • Bass is very much characterized
  • Extraordinary for hip bounce, rap, edm with profound bass
  • Bluetooth works fine and dandy and the quality is conventional as well.
  • Agreeable for extensive stretches of utilization.


  • The catch/battery piece hangs out from the right
  • A clasp modifies the length pretty much enough.

2. 1More iBfree Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

In the event that you’ve been meandering the headphone hovers on the Internet, you have unquestionably heard the name 1More. 1More has delivered some spectacular sound hardware in the market of late and iBfree joins the rundown. These remote headphones are greatly energetic and sturdy with an intense structure. The headphones are lightweight with an agreeable fit.

There is an extra bolting instrument which guarantees that the earbuds remain in your ears while you make the most of your activities. We truly appreciated 1More iBFree as they present a considerable mix of configuration, assemble, meticulousness and obviously solid quality. The sticker price of around 2500 makes everything all the more engaging, bounce on to Flipkart or Amazon to get 1More iBfree.


➡️  With a remote scope of 9m and a 5mW power yield

➡️  Siphon dumbfounding sound with a solid and productive availability with Bluetooth v4.1

➡️  The bass dimensions are extraordinary and suit the energetic intrigue of the headphones.

➡️  The battery goes on for around 7-7.5 hours which is nice enough and takes around 2 hours to return to max levels.

➡️  The structure is genuinely standard with a rope going around the back of your neck, interfacing the two buds with controls halfway.

➡️  10 hours talk time, 8 hours music time, 240 hours backup time

➡️  Incorporate Mic to use as sans hands bluetooth headset for telephone calls


  • Sound quality
  • Remote control
  • Quick charging and strong battery life
  • 10 meter Bluetooth remote range
  • Waterproof


  • Receiver position

3. The Jib Wireless

This earphone highlights a consider catch that can acknowledge or dismiss calls, which is an incredible expansion in Bluetooth headphones under 2000. Under 2000 Rs, the JiB is extraordinary compared to other looking remote headphones in the market.


➡️  9 mm Neodymium Drivers

➡️  6 Hours Battery Life

➡️  in-Line Mic

➡️  Separate Call and Track Control Buttons

➡️  The Skullcandy JiB remote is a delightful looking in-ear earphone. The tasteful plan gives it an energetic look, yet don’t choose presently, read our advantages and disadvantages of the JiB Wireless.


  • Delightfully structured and designed
  • Extremely light (9 gms)
  • Call control position is smooth
  • Bass is extremely punchy
  • Battery keeps going longer than most in this range


  • Manufacture quality isn’t extremely tough
  • Bass may sound amazing, however the mids and trebles endure a ton.

4. Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Mivi has been having some fantastic luck with some astounding sound hardware as of late and here we have outstanding amongst other ones from the lesser known brand. Mivi Thunderbeats in an in-ear remote headphone with some best of line tech worked inside them that makes them deserving of their quality in this rundown. With enormous 13.5mm Neodymium drivers, Mivi Thunderbeats ooze imperious sound with flavorful bass and highs, lows are alright also while the mids appear somewhat off. Additionally, these headphones get uproarious.

The purpose of fascination is the Qualcomm CSR8645 chip inside these headphones supporting Bluetooth 4.1 and the aptX Bluetooth codec, with a scope of 8-10m. AptX gives incomparable quality HD sound understanding and It extremely perceptible on these headphones. With the standard associated through the back of your neck structure, Mivi Thunderbeats are sports prepared with anchoring circular segments and various bud tips to accommodate your ears pleasantly. In our testing we discovered Mivi Thunderbeats to last around 6.5-7 hours on a solitary charge which is very great. Upgraded commotion undoing is a decent reward, because of the Qualcomm chip. The commotion separation is tolerable to some degree attributable to the greater handles behind the earbuds.


➡️  Siphon up your heart beat: Designed to give nothing a chance to get in the middle of you and your music.

➡️  Experience unique sound with ground-breaking highs and clear lows

➡️  Work it Out: Sweat or sparkle, these headphones push you further and handle intense preparing, the headphones bolts around your neck when not being used for simplicity of taking care of.

➡️  Travel Ready: 7 hours of battery life for when you are in a hurry

➡️  Without hands Calling: It includes a 3-catch inline remote that gives you a chance to accept calls, change volume or avoid a track all sans hands with the press of a catch.

➡️  Consistent Connectivity and Dual Pairing: Bluetooth 4.1 permits up to a 30 feet scope of association and the headphones are intended to match with 2 gadgets without a moment’s delay.

➡️  Metallic Body: Rugged, Metallic outside body looks jazzy and wonderful and produced using premium materials that is certain to withstand generally conditions

➡️  1 year guarantee given by the producer from date of procurement


  • Support for aptX codec
  • In-line sound controls
  • Attractive earpieces
  • Convey case included


  • Bass is overwhelming
  • Mids could be more grounded

5. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Headset with Mic

We can’t in any way, shape or form minister a rundown of best remote headphones without Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth headphones, such is the effect and love for these headphones is. It isn’t just about the incomparable sound any longer, Skullcandy Ink’d is a total bundle with helpful structure, strong form, dynamic commotion scratch-off which really works, solid remote availability and much more. There is sufficient to adore about these headphones. Everything begins with the plan which incorporates a plastic jewelry, genuinely standard yet lightweight and gives solidness to the structure.


➡️  The 10mm neodymium sound drivers radiate incredible sound with strong bass yield and a wonderful listening background.

➡️  The controls are put toward the finish of the necklace which again is an advantageous plan include.

➡️  There is additionally a LED pointer for battery status, discussing battery the Ink’d are professed to have 8 hours of battery life however on full mode we discovered them to last around 6.5 hours, which isn’t terrible in any way.

➡️  The inherent mic on the control works pleasantly.

➡️  The remote availability with Bluetooth v4.1 extends up to 9 meters.

➡️  The structure doesn’t rouse a great deal of games and keeping in mind that they fit pleasantly in ears, don’t anticipate that them will remain for all your extraordinary exercises yet we did some lousy running and they worked fine.


  • Incredible bass
  • Energizing, driven sound
  • Agreeable fit, phenomenal plan
  • Tolerable cost for a remote headset


  • Availability is restricted to Bluetooth
  • Association isn’t constantly steady
  • Low end is overwhelming
  • Unreasonable bass can get tiring after some time

6. Jabra – Elite 25e Wireless Earphones

Jabra Elite 25e have quite recently hit the Indian markets and they’ve just been powerful noteworthy. The necklace situated structure with a committed catch for the new-age menial helpers like Google Assistant or Siri is extremely extraordinary. With around 12 hours of battery life at max volume, Jabra 25e is one stunning entertainer. These headphones are wonderful for bass sweethearts and here and there lower frequencies don’t come as great because of that bass overwhelming methodology. The lower recurrence detachment is the main issue we see here however that is not unreasonably enormous of an issue. The clamor segregation is very apparent too.


➡️  There is an exceptional application called Jabra help to assist you with knowing and controlling Elite 25e better.
At most 2 gadgets can be associated with these headphones and the controls are very open.

➡️  The catches not exclusively do the essential undertakings yet in addition bend over to give extra usefulness like a twofold press of the multifunction catch will redial the last dialed number.

➡️  What we like more is the tight reconciliation these headphones take up with your cell phone including perusing out your messages, alarming for date-book motivation and furthermore warnings from applications like Facebook which is extremely cool.

➡️  There is a haptic motor to give vibrational signs at whatever point there is a warning or an approaching call.

➡️  The headphones are not a lot into games but rather fit pleasantly to help with running and some easygoing activities.

➡️  Being IP54 evaluated is protected from perspiration and sprinkle, which is a very huge expansion.

➡️  At a cost of around 3500 Jabra Elite 25e is a take bargain which additionally makes it extraordinary compared to other remote headphones under 4000.


  • Smooth and tough plan
  • Great disconnection with no stable spillage
  • Substantial bass execution
  • IP54 climate opposition


  • Bass can be overwhelming
  • Normal call quality
  • Help application has flaky availability

7. Sony MDR-XB50BSRZE Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Sony’s MDR-XB50BSRZE is a cool game plan of remote earphones, arranged for amusements and squeezed with beating sound which makes this course of action worth every penny. Starting with tremendous 12mm Neodymium drivers which guarantee control in each beat you tune in. Partner and paring is fast and basic with Bluetooth v4.1.


➡️  These remote earphones from Sony are made for the people who esteem bass and remembering that the mids are unimaginably uncommon, lows will as a rule wind up dull a portion of the time behind that bass.

➡️  Division of instruments and vocals is on spot and amazingly uproar isolation isn’t too terrible on these earphones.

➡️  The consolidation of ear roundabout fragments and IPX4 rating makes these earphones sports-arranged.

➡️  The structure is truly standard with a line partner the buds which are not by any stretch of the creative energy buds yet are more noteworthy than buds and in our utilization we found it to feel fairly lumbering in our ears every so often yet not a noteworthy aggravation.

➡️  Sony claims 8.5 extended lengths of battery life anyway at full volume, you can get 6 hours, most ideal situation which isn’t horrendous in any capacity.

➡️  The inbuilt mic works honorably if not the best in the range, the develop quality is extraordinary, strong yet not premium and we expected more from Sony here.


  • Good low recurrence execution
  • Great lucidity of sound
  • Water-and sprinkle safe


  • Bargained mids
  • Clumsy plan

8. Beyerdynamic – Byron BT Earphones

Beyerdynamic is certainly not an exceptionally prevalent sound brand in India equipment but Byron BT remote headphones turn out to be well known to sound incredible. With a solid yet premium showing up aluminum buds, with magnets that make these buds stick together keeping tumbling off from your neck. For a more secure and sports fit, there is a possibility for inline bends, in addition to various silicone tips for better grasp in your ears.


➡️  Audit Price: £89.99

➡️  7.5-hour battery

➡️  3-catch remote

➡️  Aluminum earpieces

➡️  Bluetooth v4.1 and AptX bolster

➡️  Excellent listening knowledge with very much characterized bass and extraordinary lucidity.

➡️  The inline controls are very straightforward with only 3 catches, all capacity well with no issue.

➡️  The headphones keep going around 6.5 hours on a solitary charge at max volume. We truly welcome the lucidity, punchiness, and balance Beyerdynamic Byron BT conveys with a pleasant, solid and not very conspicuous form.


  • Negligible, reasonable plan
  • Fiery, clean solid
  • Not too bad battery life thinking about structure


  • Tiring treble

9. Samsung Level U Wireless Earphones

Here we have Samsung with Its measurement U remote earphones. By and by we’ve adored measurement U since long and you may have seen them in our distinctive pieces this time It’s the equivalent. Level U bring an incredible blend of sound quality, frame quality and plan which is adequate to impact the dominant part. The structure is bit heavier with an adornments to hold the earphones set up.

This arrangement does feel and look to some degree huge yet the make quality evacuates that as the metal finish makes the earphones look to a great degree premium and classy. The extra accessory upgrades quality and offers space to squeezing an extra battery. With sweeping 12mm speaker units, multi-point partners and the appealing earbuds that slice together to keep a fall, Samsung Level U is a shocking buy.


➡️  Samsung claims 10 hours of play time yet in our testing, we found to be right around 8 hours which is exceptionally vital.

➡️  The sound quality is decent if not unimaginable, bass sweethearts won’t be lively and in case you are into recreations or maybe considering marching these at the rec focus, you’ll be aggravated as these will as a rule tumble off smart from ears once you start to shake up.

➡️  An extraordinary looking pair of remote headphones

➡️  Long battery life and lovely solid arrangement


  • Ergonomic structure
  • Long battery life
  • Humble


  • Sound isn’t ideal for getting a charge out of music

10. Freesolo 56S Bluetooth Headset With Mic

56S is intended for games use , made by waterproof material, ergonomic inventive and waterproof sweat proof configuration guarantees this headset is agreeable and secure for games ,running ,strolling ,exercising, etc.

Stylish looks and inherent Bluetooth chip with HiFi Stereo headphones guarantees you could appreciate top notch stereo bass sound. Smaller than expected Portable Wireless headsets with implicit microphone and extraordinaryNoise Cancellation creates clear boisterous sound, helpful and simple to answer and end the telephones.


➡️  With Microphone: Yes

➡️  Structure: Earbud

➡️  Perfect With: Laptop, Audio Player, Tablet, Mobile

➡️  Commotion Cancellation

➡️  Earphone Jack: No Flatwire


  • Controller Buttons are extremely material and the catch patterns are impeccable.
  • The ear buds are attractive, thus rests splendidly when not being used.
  • The item is strong and convenient to keep.
  • Battery is great and keeps going multi day on moderate utilize.
  • Simple to charge.
  • Sound quality is adequate for an easygoing clients.


  • Link is short.
  • Not totally remote.
  • Sound quality is great regarding the value point.
  • No warming issue.
  • After a long utilize, the ears may sting as its an earbud structure.

11. BoAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Headset with Mic

In spite of its blemishes, the BoAt Rockerz 285 can possibly pull in clients who incline toward extra bass and sharp highs in their sound, and don’t tune in to music at over 50 percent volume. The general development is great as far as ergonomics, and holds its fit notwithstanding amid exercises. The structure might not have much energy, but rather is objective and there’s not a lot to blame it on. To total up, the BoAt Rockerz 285 isn’t absolute recommendable, however can be kept as an alternative in the sub-Rs. 3,000 value class for remote in-ear earphones.


➡️  BoAt signature sound: boAt Rockerz 255, while being lightweight in configuration siphons out your most loved tunes with amazing HD sound and profound helped bass

➡️  Controlled By Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset : High Level usefulness is given to the boAt Rockerz 255 by the Advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chipset giving the highlights of the most recent Bluetooth 4.1 Version

➡️  10 mins charge, 45 mins play : The boAt Rockerz 255 are outfitted with a 110 mAH battery that’ll without a doubt enable you to invest your energy with these headphones a fourth of your day

➡️  Appealing ergonomics with a Comfort Fit: Built with uncompromised craftsmanship from premium materials including metal lodging headphones and chrome emphasizes the boAt Rockerz 255 is both durable and trendy

➡️  Free access controls: Since controlling your telephone through your hands is excessively standard these days, you can assume responsibility of your sound-related involvement with the boAt Rockerz 255

➡️  With the inline controls you can flip the volume, skip tracks, go to calls, and enact Siri, Google Now or Cortana voice-controlled Smartphone partners

➡️  With the remote usefulness and free access controls, the boAt Rockerz 255 is clearly your sidekick for your movement and day by day needs, remain restless with voice order


  • Adequately assemble
  • Not totally remote.
  • Sound quality is great regarding the value point.
  • No warming issue.
  • After a long utilize, the ears may sting as its an earbud structure.


  • Obfuscated bass
  • Traded off mids
  • Sharp highs
  • Needs unpredictability and levelheadedness
  • Receiver not the most grounded
  • No genuine pizazz

12. TAGG Inferno

The headphones are made of plastic with a delicate surface on them which feels decent close by and somewhat premium as well. Since these are remote earphone there’s solitary one short level link associate in the headphones together. In the event that you don’t care for the all dark shading, there’s a red wire one as well. Asides from that, the headphones are likewise IPX4 affirmed water safe. This implies you can wear them in a rain or in an exercise center without agonizing over them getting harmed.


➡️  Lively plan

➡️  Commotion scratch-off

➡️  Full call control, Inbuilt mic

➡️  IPX4 sweatproof opposition

➡️  7 hours music play time

➡️  8 hours of call time

➡️  Free convey pocket included


  • Energetic structure
  • Great battery life
  • Extraordinary sound
  • Convey pocket
  • Sweat confirmation (IPX4 affirmed)
  • No warming issue.
  • After a long utilize, the ears may sting as its an earbud structure.


  • No real cons

13. BasX ZW113 Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

With best exercise sweatproof IPX5 bluetooth ear buds, BasX has amazing list of features! Extraordinary for Running, Jogging, Hiking, Biking, Gym. Remain in Ear Tech with advantageous In-Ear buds. Jewelry plan, Tangleless wires, and it’s anything but difficult to capacity to your pocket


➡️  With Microphone: Yes

➡️  Plan: Earbud

➡️  Good With: Gaming Console

➡️  Earphone Jack: NA Flatwire


  • The sound is great with pleasant bass and normal treble.
  • The battery reinforcement is great. I got approx. 6hrs as publicized.
  • The fabricate quality is great and the vibe of the headphones and the convey case looks premium.


  • The bluetooth availability is slightly below average and the range is approx. 6m.
  • The magnet locking is exceptionally powerless to keep the 2 ear sorts out.
  • There is no auto-off component to spare battery when the headphones are not utilized for quite a while. So we should physically turn it off.

14. Philips SHB 5250 BL

Match your shrewd gadget with your earphones utilizing Bluetooth and appreciate the opportunity of completely clear music and telephone calls – without the issue of links. Utilizing a rubber treated Flex-grasp link help between the earphones and the link, the association is shielded from harm through continued bowing broadening its life.


➡️  With Microphone: Yes

➡️  Plan: Earbud

➡️  Good With: Laptop, Audio Player, Tablet, Mobile

➡️  Flatwire

➡️  super audio cues

➡️  Light weight plan

➡️  Incredible execution because of 14.2 mm speaker drivers and ground-breaking magnets. Network Technology: Wireless

➡️  Bluetooth 4.1

➡️  Intended to fit ear geometry easily

➡️  Without tangle level link for accommodation in a hurry

➡️  Without hands calls


  • Intended to fit ear geometry
  • 14.2mm drivers/open-back
  • Earbud
  • Level link


  • Sound contorts/pops frequently
  • Sensor is inadequately planned
  • The remote range is just about 3m before sound contorts.

15. Leaf ear Bluetooth earplugs

Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphones are made to convey a madly extraordinary music. Profound bass sound gives you more concentration and siphon, regardless of whether you are at rec center or at work. Bluetooth headphones with mic gives you a chance to take/make the gets without contacting your telephone.


➡️  Profound Bass + Clear Acoustics

➡️  Simple Hands Free Calling

➡️  8-hours Battery Life*

➡️  Savvy Control

➡️  Tangle Free Cables

➡️  Custom Fit Ear Cups


  • Good sound quality
  • Light-weight
  • Great remote range
  • Easy and brisk network
  • Zero Lag amid video playback
  • Convenient for open air exercises


  • No Foams earbuds
  • Small conveying case


Along these lines, that is the best remote headphones you can get under ₹ 3000. And keeping in mind that we may have missed a great deal of cool sections, we have you to let us know, correct? So do reveal to us some Amazing headphones to discover their place on this rundown. Remote is the fate of sound and It is coming quick, so its opportunity to grasp the pattern and take a decent vibe of how freeing the origination of remote and extraordinary music can be. We’ve secured the best and the best remote headphones under 1000, 2000, 3000 in India, do watch out for this space to see more sections coming up soon. Much obliged for perusing.

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