Spot Cam: Home Video Monitoring Camera with AI


There are lots of CCTV cameras are available. But these cameras lags a lot of features from easy to handle to one-click live view. But these features are available in some camera which you can easily manage due to integrated AI and cloud-based feature.

The same high-class Video AI features come with Spot Cam and it is one the great security camera for indoor. Let’s see what it offers:

Spot Cam: Smartest Security Camera with AI

Spot Cam Sense is a really cool looking full HD wireless security camera. The camera is great for both indoors and outdoors and it’s IP65 Weatherproof.

It’s very easy to set up, all you need to do is connect your camera to your Wi-Fi via its app and you’re good to go.

It also comes with a 10 feet long cable, so you don’t have to worry about wire extensions. The camera can be placed anywhere or can be mounted on the wall using mounting plates and screws which are included in the box. The rotating hinge helps you adjust the camera angle.

Talking about the image quality, it’s really good. The automatic infrared LEDs helps to see clearly even in the dark.

Moreover,  You can go to the live view to see what’s happening, you can change the settings like the night vision, mode flicker reduction, image quality, alerts, motion detection etc as per your preference.

In-built Microphone and Speaker

Spot Cam Sense comes with a built-in microphone and a speaker to listen and talk. It supports two-way audio, meaning you can interact through the camera speaker via its app. The spot cam comes in really handy while monitoring your pet or event in case of some noise alerts.

MicroSD Support and Storage

The Spot Cam Sense doesn’t come with a microSD card slot because it’s an IP camera which stores video on the cloud but you can view recorded videos on your mobile devices or PC.

There are two ways to access spot cam sense video via the web browser or mobile devices and you can use it to watch all the live video, feed check back on all the events, alerts through this timeline.

You can see all the events motions and alerts recorded and you can review it. All the videos are stored on the cloud to the internet directly.

Therefore even if there is a thief that broke into your house and stole everything including your spot cam or even damaged the camera, you still have the recorded video footage at the cloud server and the good thing is you get 24 hours of continuous recording for free. The last 24 hours of the video will be kept and the previous video will be replaced.

For additional storage plans, you can visit their website, the prices are very reasonable. By the way, you can make the film, footages from the stored video. They are stored forever and can save up to three hours of video in total for each Spot Cam.

Camera Features

The 155 degrees wide field-of-view camera helps you capture wider areas and it is on 1080p which is more clear and detailed considering the fact that it’s a cloud IP camera. The quality is decent and the live video feed is also responsive as the usual. Mobile version is almost in sync in real time but the web version does have a two to three seconds delay which depends on the Internet connection.

By the way, night view video quality is also really good. Thanks to the new Sony Exmor image sensor and the12 high power infrared LEDs. You can see the picture clearly even in pitch black.

You can even make a time-lapse video from the app. You can customize the camera settings as per your preference like the image quality, motion sensitivity, level night-vision, certification, alerts and more.

Weather Detector

Moreover, it also has additional sensors for temperature, humidity, illumination sensor to monitor environment vitals and set threshold to get an active vacation.

External Device Support

One cool feature the spot comes with is IFTTT support. IFTTT let’s pod cam work with other popular smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue. Lots of stuff can be done through IFTTT. For example, automatically turn on and off your Philips Hue.

Spot Cam Sense detects motion. You can simply use Alexa to turn on your Spot Cam and you can even turn on the air conditioner when the temperature reached a certain level and you can do much more things with it.

Video AI Features

One of the most unique and underrated features of this IP camera is the video AI. It has a bunch of AI features. Let’s go through it one by one.

  • Missing Object

You definitely have valuable items at your home and office. So this feature helps you guard your asset when you are away and not bothered. You can select the zone from the app itself and the AI detects your assets if there is any movement or any kind of change in the selected zone.

You will get an instant notification. This is perfect for home and office use.

  • Virtual Fence

Virtual Fence is great for outdoors. It helps to monitor your outdoor property.

You can create a virtual fence through the app and if anyone trespasses or crosses that zone your camera will alert you.

  • Human Detection

You also have a pet and human detection. So, in case you get many motion alerts as it can be via other things not only human. You can select a human detection so the app will only notify you if there’s a movement due to human causes and the same goes for pet detection as well.

  • Vehicle Detection

No matter if you want to monitor your parking lot or if annoying people park in front of your door. This feature will help you by sending you alerts about vehicles.

  • Fall Detection

Many of us set up a home monitoring camera so that we can monitor our elderly or babies closely. This feature notifies you when someone falls and does not get up back quickly. so you know something is wrong.

Parting Thoughts

All in all, Spot Cam Sense is a solid cloud IP camera with wide viewing angles and a 1080p full HD video camera loaded with IFTTT support and other AI features plus with the one-day recording for free forever. It’s perfect for your home and office.

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