Top 10 Best Car Audio Systems In India

top 10 car audio systems in india

Music is really soothing to ears and takes all of you to a different world. It is also a catalyst to eliminate our stress. Music is also a good companion during your drive. It keeps you joyful and offers a nice way of enjoyment during riding the wheels. Therefore, to have a very good music listening experience you must have a superb quality car audio system.

Driving and music can complement each other every time. It can assist you to get rid of the huge traffic or traveling alone through highways. So it is highly essential to have a good quality audio system in your car to make your sailings exciting.

There are thousands of car audio system brands and manufacturers who provide a different mode of excitement in terms of music. But it is quite a complicated task to find the best one among them. Here is a list of top 10 car audio systems in India, which is quite easy to install and equipped with good performance. They can deliver a powerful and crisp stereo sound. They can handle good volume without any distortion. So let’s explore those best car audio systems below.

Types of Car Audio Stereo

Top 10 Best Car Audio Systems in India

Before checking the best car audio systems, let’s have an idea on the types of audio stereo. There are three types of audio stereo in terms of its size.

Single Din

This is the most common size of a car stereo. These stereos are around 7 X2 inches in size and compatible with almost every vehicle. You can fit a single din with a double din with the similarly sized bracket.

Double Din

The double din stereos are bigger in size and measures around 7 X 4 inches. It usually goes well with a large touch screen.

1. Sony WX 800UI Car Stereo System

Sony is a worldwide name the category of electronics, appliances and music system. The brand value of Sony is unbeatable.

➡️  Sony WX 800UI car stereo comes with a double din system along with a large LCD display and large control switches and knobs for easy control. The blue light in this din looks quite ultramodern.

➡️  It offers an audio output of 216 Watts and quite perfect for audiophiles.

➡️  You can play your favorite music by using different sources like a USB drive, or even a music CD. For easy handling of music, Sony WX 800 UI car stereo comes with an AUX port as well. So you can play the desired music from your mobile and MP3 player also.

➡️  This car audio system makes your car look luxuriant and complete.

➡️  Sony WX 800 UI Car Stereo comes with two years of warranty. It is one of the top 10 car audio systems in India 2018.

2. Sony XAV AX100 AV Receiver Car Audio System

If you are looking for a futuristic car audio system for yourself, then opt for the Sony XAV AX100 AV receiver.

➡️  It is equipped with a large LCD along with a touch screen feature on the front side.

➡️  This audio system is compatible with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. So you can listen to your favorite music from your smartphones effortlessly. It also instrumental in accessing voice control and Siri’s eyes.

➡️  Sony XAV AX100 AV receiver backs four 55 Watt dynamic reality amplifiers, and go well with all variants of cars.
The large touch screen and large icons offer an easy to use feature for the user in the course of driving.

➡️  You can also connect your phone via Bluetooth as well for playing music.

3. Alpine CDE W265EBT Car Audio System

Alpine CDE is one of the traditional car audio system available in the market. If you have any desire for such a system, then go for this powerful audio system.

➡️  Alpine CDE features all the latest features to accommodate the user during driving in a superlative manner.

➡️  This metal built audio system comes with a good sized LCD display and features all the required functions in it.
It is quite compatible with Android and iOS devices and it also supports the Bluetooth to play music from your smartphone.

➡️  Alpine CDE is furnished with four 50 Watt powerful amplifiers and houses CD as well as USB drives on the front.

➡️  This is one of the best double-din car audio systems and comes with a wireless remote controller for stress-free access.

➡️  This two-line LCD display features an RGB button with display illumination.

➡️  You can take the benefit of the signature rotary knob and the front panel by controlling the music effortlessly.

➡️  It is also an affordable audio system for your car and comes with a KTP-445A power pack cable and 3 pre-out as well.

4. Blaupunkt San Marino 330 Car Audio System

Blaupunkt is a household name in the world of car audio system. Blaupunkt San Mario possesses all the solution to your requirement for your car stereo system.

➡️  It features a 6.2-inch touch screen for easier control of the media content.

➡️  It comes with superior audio quality to enhance your music listening experience.

➡️  Here you will find numerous connectivity options like USB drive, AUX input, micro SD card, and Bluetooth.

➡️  This double-din system offers you to see the rear camera input through it.

5. JVC Digital Media Receiver Car Audio System

JVC Digital Media receiver is the smaller version of JVC MOS FET.

➡️  This single-din audio system comprises of all the modern features and comes with a red colored front along with a black colored base to enhance the look.

➡️  The interface of this stereo system is around 6.8 inches and quite colorful in look and unconstrained as well. It offers a good transition.

➡️  It usually backs all those audio formats and you can listen to your music through USB drive or AUX input.

➡️  The exclusive technology of this stereo system offers quite an effective sound through its speakers and amplifiers.

➡️  There is an FM tuner as well for accessing the radio as per your requirement.

6. Woodman WM 2020 Car Audio System

Wooden WM 2020 is another dominant car audio system, that comes with a 6.5 inch LED screen.

➡️  It includes high output, rear camera connectivity, multi-function remote control, built-in clock, subwoofer, and Amplifier connectivity.

➡️  The Woodman WM 2020 also comes with calling functions, steering wheel control, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB as well as AUX connectivity.

➡️  The audio system also supports MP4 video playback as well.
It is compatible with Android and iPhone as well, so you can connect your phones quite easily with this audio system.

➡️  With an audio wattage of 200 Watts, this stereo system weighs around 1.2 Kgs. It goes well with MP4, MP3, JPEG, and AVI.

➡️  If you are looking for an audio system that comprises all the latest feature with an economic price then go for Woodman WM 2020.

➡️  It offers a six-month warranty for the product.

7. Sony MEX N-4200 BT Car Audio system

Sony MEX N-4200 BT is an entry level car audio system that offers powerful sound and a widespread portfolio.

➡️  It comes with a single din design and offers an output of 55 watts.

➡️  The connectivity option with this powerful audio system includes Bluetooth, USB port, Aux input as well as NFC through which you can connect your smartphone with this audio system.

➡️  You can take your incoming calls from the stereo with ease while driving without using your phone.

➡️  It comes with a warranty of 2 years for the users

8. JVC MOS FET Car Audio System

JVC MOS FET is a double-din car audio system. It takes care of all the cutting-edge need of the listener.

➡️  It features a large screen along with a CD player along with RGB lights to enhance the appearance of the audio system.

➡️  It comes with four 50 Watt sub-woofer connection. For input, it comes with a USB port, CD player, AUX port and Bluetooth.

➡️  This effective stereo system supports Android Audio Mode, by which you can use your smartphone for listening to the music and make yourself relax while riding the wheels.

➡️  For accessing this audio system you can take the benefit of the remote control or the steering mounted controls.

9. Pioneer MVH 089UB Car Audio System

Pioneer is one of the renowned manufacturers of car audio system from its initiation. It stands firm in its position by offering some of the superlative car audio systems. The Pioneer MVH 089UB is one of the top 10 car audio systems in India 2017.

➡️  The Pioneer MVH 089UB goes well with almost every car with its basic functionalities.

➡️  This audio system comes with input options like AUX port and USB port.

➡️  This value for money car stereo system fulfills all the basic needs of a user.

➡️  It also features an LCD display to assist you in accessing all the required information and functions. The large buttons are quite easy to use.

➡️  It comes with an inbuilt equalizer with an output of 50 Watt.

10. Sony DSX A100U Car Audio System

Sony has its presence in the car audio sector with a wide range of latest and efficient audio systems.

➡️  Sony DSX is another basic form of car audio system which is undoubtedly powerful and a perfect add-on to your car.

➡️  It offers some fantastic music experience with its outstanding features.

➡️  The audio output of Sony DSX is around 55 Watt and comprises of all the required features with minimal fuss.

➡️  The front LCD screen is easy to use and you can get all required info.

➡️  The button arrangement of this audio system is quite spacious; you can control it without any complication.

➡️  The audio input can be furnished through a USB drive or you can also connect your phone with this stereo system via AUX cable.

➡️  Sony DSX comes with a warranty of 2 years for the users.

11. Blaupunkt Manchester 110 Car Audio System

Another reliable and powerful car audio system from Blaupunkt, that fulfills all of your need in terms of experiencing music.

➡️  Blaupunkt Manchester is a single din car stereo system and offers a maximum output of 55 Watt.

➡️  It is compatible with all the applicable devices and can be controlled by a remote controller.

➡️  It supports USB port connectivity, AUX port, and Bluetooth 4.1 and the wireless connectivity of this car audio system is first-class.

➡️  Blaupunkt offers a one year warranty with this car audio system.

12. Pioneer AVH X5890BT Car Audio System

As all of you know Pioneer is one of the most reliable and popular audio system brands all over the world.

➡️  The Pioneer AVH X5890BT houses a LED screen of 6.9 inches along with touchscreen feature and weighs only 245 g.

➡️  It features the AppRadio Mode USB Navigation support system, through which you can use various navigation and music applications from your phone.

➡️  There is an inbuilt Bluetooth feature, which you can use for playing music and hands-free calling.

➡️  It also features Todoroki EQ offers outstanding bass and high frequency.

➡️  This car stereo system supports MP3, AAC, WMA, and Mpeg4.

13. SoundBoss SB-3248BT audio system

SoundBoss is a low-priced audio system with awesome performance and feature.

➡️  It comes with four 55 Watt RMS output power.

➡️  You can play music through Bluetooth and connect your phone as well. There is an alternative to AUX cable connectivity for playing your favorite music.

➡️  It features a large VFD LCD screen and every kind of operation related to music and it also displays the caller ID and name during an incoming call.

➡️  There is a wireless remote control for easy operation of this audio system. The keypad on this large screen is quite suitable for making a call and setting radio frequency. It is also equipped with digital volume control and mute control.

➡️  It supports Bluetooth 2.0 and compatible with all most all smartphones.

➡️  You can take your calls, and disconnect the ongoing call through its detachable panel

➡️  It also provides you with a facility of saving mobile numbers of your dear ones in its Telephone book.

➡️  There is also a Microphone port which you can use for your microphone, earphone connection to listen to the music.

➡️  You can use the USB port and SD card port for playing music in this car audio system. The MP3 and WMA format music goes well with SoundBoss SB-3248BT car audio system.

➡️  This car audio system also features a rear RCA output, an Auto-Antenna Activator, Built-in Noise Filter and ISO connector.

➡️  For any type of manufacturing defects, it offers a warranty of one year.

14. Pagaria PVFD-64 Car Audio System

Pagaria is in the business of introducing some revolutionary and affordable car audio systems. Pagaria PVFD-64 is a high performance fixed panel car audio system.

➡️  It comes with music controls like UBB and SD control.

➡️  It features a colorful VFD LCD display equipped with Id3 technology.

➡️  Pagaria PVFD-64 offers bright display and high bass output. With this audio system, you can take your long drive to a next level.

➡️  With the USB port and AUX cable connectivity feature, you can connect your smartphone and play your music on this system.

➡️  The easy to use interface of this car audio system and the provision of the remote control makes it quite user-friendly.

➡️  It comes with 18 Preset Radio stations, along with Auto Scan and channel saving feature.

➡️  The built-in noise filter allows you to experience some of the nicest music through this powerful car audio system.

Bottom Line

We have picked the best audio system available in the market according to their features and performance. Each of these car audio systems are reliable and capable of offering some good music to soothe your ear and enhance the music listening experience on the go. So choose the best one that suits your requirement and your car. You can write and comment as well if you have anything else to share or need more information on a specific product in the comment box below. Hope this will be a good reference for you to buy the top 10 best car audio systems in India.

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