Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review: Best budget fitness tracker

mi band 3 review

After the success of Mi band and Mi band 2. Xiaomi announced the Mi band 3 a few weeks back and we are going to review the new fitness tracker from Xiaomi. So, let’s start without any further delay. 🙂

Mi Band 3 is launched in India and it is available on Amazon and Mi India site. The price of the smart band in India is 1999 INR.

Design and Look

The fitness tracker here which looks totally different from its predecessor.  Now let’s see the fitness tracker closely, the build quality is really good like other Mi bands. The glass is curved and the screen is also bigger this time which is  0.78 inch OLED display.

The band supports the heart rate sensor. There is a single button which is now merged with the screen.

The band is made of  TPU and it is skin friendly materials. The build quality of both the tracker and the band is really very good.

The smart band is really lightweight and comfortable to wear and I really like the overall design and the look and feel of the smart band.

The band of the watch is similar to the previous models of Mi band and to tie the smart band you have disturbed holes with snaps.

Comparison with Predecessor Mi Band

Comparing it side by side with the previous Mi band – we have a similar band with the more adjustable levels and also the front glass of the tracker is curved unlike the flat glass of the Mi band and Mi band 2.

How to Connect/pair with your Phone

In order to use it with your phone, you would need to download the Mi-Fit app. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

You have to install the app, sign in, and pair the device with your phone. Pairing is really easy and you just have to go to the pair section and select the band and then it will automatically start looking for the nearby bands.

Once it is found, you will get a notification on the smart band and by pressing the button it will be paired with your phone. So, when the band is paired with the phone, the phone will immediately get the firmware update.

New Gestures in Mi Band 3

So, first let me tell you the options and gestures we have on demand.

The first thing on the smart band you will see is the date and time. You can access the menu by swiping up and down and also right and left.

Swiping up will show you the step counts and now if you swipe to the left you can see the distance covered, calorie burned and the available battery level. About the battery, Xiaomi says that it should give you 20 days of standby time.

If you want to go back to the home, press the button once it will go back to the main menu screen and then pressing it again it will take you back to the clock face.

Talking about more options if you swipe up again you have the heart rate monitoring and to start measuring the heart rate you need to press and hold the button on the screen. Heart rate monitoring on the Mi band 3 is accurate and very quick.

Swiping up twice on the smart band, it will show the weather. It shows the 3 days of the weather forecast and then we have the notification option where it shows you the history of the notification. It shows you the number of notifications you have received and you can go through the notifications by swiping left.

The more gestures which are available are the stopwatch which you can start by long pressing on the screen button. The next option allows you to silent your phone from the watch itself. It also has a new feature called offline device where it will start running your pear phone.

The last option we have is the watch faces. The Mi Band 3 have three new watch faces and to apply one you just need to touch on the screen.

So, that’s all the options in the band and about the app I have to tell you guys that I have tested so many smartwatches in the past.

How Good is Mi-Fit App for Mi Band 3

I still believe that Mi-Fit App is one of the best smartphones companion app. When you open the app, it will automatically start and shows all the options.

You can see step count, last night’s sleep details, heart rate, and then you have the option to see your last activity. You can also see the historical data by going through one of the categories.

Coming back to the app, in the second page of the app we have the activity section where you can start your workout activity such as outdoor running, treadmill, cycling and walking.

In the profile page, you have every step count of the day, kilometers you have covered with the Mi band and how many times you have achieved your goal. We can see the connected device with Mi-Fit app.